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Guinot Treatments

GUINOT creates unique products and treatments enriched with active ingredients that are constantly on the cutting-edge of science and technology.

Mini Spa Facial
Guinot Spa Facial

HydraClean Facial
Hydradermie Treatment
Hydradermie Lift Treatment
Detoxygene Treatment
Hydra Peeling Treatment
Lift Summum Treatment
Age Summum Treatment

Age Logic Yeux (Eye Treatment)
When added to the Hydradermie





Personalised Youth Skincare Treatment


"Lifting" Eye Care Treatment 

Hydradermie model.JPG

Instant lifting Treatment


Deep Cleansing Treatment


Lifting" Firming Treatment


Comprehensive Anti-Ageing Treatment


Reoxygenating Detoxifying Treatment


Radiance Peel Treatment


"Purifying Anti-imperfection Treatment"

Body Treatments


Anti-cellulite slimming treatment


Softens and rejuvenates the feet

GUINOT, more than 50 year’s experience in Beauty Care

GUINOT has become the leading beauty salon brand it is today by designing avant-garde skincare methods at the forefront of technology.

By focusing on how to reveal the Beauty of every woman, GUINOT has designed exclusive and innovative treatment methods that have conquered the hearts of women all over the world who wish to look their best. Over the years, the effectiveness of its treatments and products have made GUINOT stand out as the leading brand on the Beauty Salon market. GUINOT has chosen the beauty salon as the only suitable professional facility for carrying out beauty treatments. In the privacy of the treatment room, your Beauty Therapist and ‘Beauty Doctor’ can examine your skin without make-up and provide you with personalised advice. In order to best meet your beauty objectives, your Beauty Therapist is attentive to the needs of your skin and performs a personalised consultation at the beginning of each treatment.

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