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Hydra Peeling

Radiance Peel Treatment

Treatment Secrets


The Beauty Therapist exfoliates the face to smooth visible signs of ageing, increase radiance, reduce dark spots and brighten the complexion.


The Hydra Neuve massage boosts cell renewal to stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis.


The Hydra Beauté Mask, a peel-off mask with a cooling effect, soothes the skin.

An alternative to chemical peels

GUINOT created the Hydra Peeling Treatment to reduce signs of ageing, improve the complexion and reduce dark spots.

This treatment is a bona fide alternative to aesthetic medicine, offering visible results and restoring radiance after just one treatment. Following a beauty consultation, your Beauty Therapist suggests a treatment that takes into account your facial skin’s sensitivity.

Two protocols are available for the Hydra Peeling Treatment

– Hydra PH Peeling: exfoliates deep in the skin to reduce signs of ageing and dark spots and
brighten the complexion.
– Hydrabrasion Peeling: rids the skin of dead cells on the skin’s surface and restores radiance to the complexion. This protocol is more suited for sensitive skin.

After the peel phase, the Beauty Therapist will carry out a regenerating massage to relax the face and boost cell renewal. The result? Skin that looks brand new!

The treatment ends with the Hydra Beauté Mask, a soothing, refreshing peel-off mask that literally peels right off.

In just 45 minutes, the skin looks “new”: the complexion is radiant and glowing, the dark spots are reduced, and the face is visibly more youthful.


100% of women said their skin was soft, smooth, even, radiant and glowing.*
80% of women said the dark spots were reduced and their face visibly more youthful.**

*Tests consisting of 1 Hydra Peeling Treatment with Hydra PH or 1 Hydra Peeling Treatment with Hydrabrasion.
**Tests consisting of 3 Hydra Peeling Treatments with Hydra PH.
Panel of 10 test subjects.

Manual Treatment Method

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