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Body Treatments

30 minutes                       $50
60 minutes                       $90
90 minutes                       $120

Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, shiatsu or pregnancy.

Detoxing Charcoal Scrub & Reflexology

40 minutes  -  $60

Paired with a detoxing charcoal foot scrub, reflexology helps to restore balance in the body while activating our 

natural healing ability.

Back Exfoliation & Mask Treatment
45min  -  $50

Full Body Exfoliation

30min  -  $60

Detoxing or Nourishing Body Wrap

50min  -  $80

A relaxing detoxing treatment removing toxins from the body whilst delivering nutrients to the skin

Slim Logic Treatment

1hr  -  $120

The treatment begins with active exfoliation: enzymatic exfoliation helps boost the absorption of active slimming ingredients and reinforces the treatment’s effectiveness. Moreover, it boosts the microcirculation to stimulate drainage.

The FAT-REDUCING massage combines effective manual techniques, known to mobilise fat and break down fat deposits, and Caffeine, which helps burn fat.

The final treatment step is the FLUID-REDUCING body wrap, which removes excess fluid in tissue.

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