Body Treatments

40 minutes                       $50
60 minutes                       $80
90 minutes                       $90

Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, shiatsu or pregnancy.

Detoxing Charcoal Scrub & Reflexology

40 minutes  -  $60

Paired with a detoxing charcoal foot scrub, reflexology helps to restore balance in the body while activating our 

natural healing ability.

Back Exfoliation & Mask Treatment
45min  -  $40

Full Body Exfoliation

30min  -  $40

Detoxing or Nourishing Body Wrap

50min  -  $80

A relaxing detoxing treatment removing toxins from the body whilst delivering nutrients to the skin

Parafango or Slim Logic Treatment

1hr  -  $110

The Parafango treatment is used slimming, shaping & firming. from the French Brittany with a high content of marine minerals, formulated with paraffin in order to create a mini-sauna to capture all the heat to open pores and stimulate product absorption. 

The thermal power helps to relieve sore muscles and bones, soothes and fights edema and cellulite related pain, while helping to destroy fat nodules, activating circulation and eliminates toxins.