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Hydradermie Youth

Personalised Youth Skincare Treatment

Treatment Secrets


This exclusive patented GUINOT method transmits energy to skin cells and ensures the quick and effective distribution of the treatment active ingredients in the serum selected according to your beauty objective.


Stimulates cell activity and revives the skin’s radiance by boosting cell oxygenation and the skin’s microcirculation.


Thanks to the Beauty Therapist’s expert hands, the massage relaxes the face and boosts the subcutaneous microcirculation. The skin glows with renewed radiance.

Treatments according to beauty objective

This exclusive GUINOT treatment has spectacular results in restoring beautiful and youthful skin.

Before the treatment, your Beauty Therapist will carry out a consultation to define your beauty objectives and personalise your treatment.

It is available in 8 different versions according to your beauty objectives:

– Moisturising
– Purifying
– Anti-wrinkle
– Age Logic Anti-Ageing
– Nourishing
– Dark Spots
– Soothing
– Sun Preparation/Repair

Visibly younger-looking skin

With age, skin cells just aren’t as active.

When the cells lack energy, they reproduce more slowly, the synthesis of elastic fibres slows, and the first signs of ageing appear. This patented treatment method will rejuvenate the skin’s appearance by restoring the cellular energy of younger skin. The unique ionisation process enables rapid absorption of the active ingredients for exceptional effectiveness. The Hydradermie Youth Treatment ends with a relaxing massage that leaves the face rested and the skin luminous. A viable alternative to aesthetic medicine, the Hydradermie Youth Treatment visibly rejuvenates the skin.


The skin looks naturally radiant once again.
You feel calm and relaxed.

Treatment method using a Hydraderm Cellular Energy machine

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