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Hydradermie Lift
& Lift Express

Instant Lifting Treatment

Treatment Secrets


The Beauty Therapist’s expert hands move the drainage electrodes around, visibly relieving tension, improving the skin’s microcirculation and refining the facial features.


Muscle stimulation works specifically to improve tone and lift the face muscles by the end of the treatment.


The Beauty Therapist carries out the massage at the end of the treatment to relax the face and improve the subcutaneous microcirculation. The skin appears firmer and more toned.

Instant “lifting” effect

This beauty treatment “lifts” the features and redefines the facial contour in 60 minutes.

When we age, the muscles are used less, the skin loses tone, and the facial contours lose definition. Manual “lifting” treatments act on the skin’s structure by mending the epidermis and firming the dermis.

The Hydradermie Lift Treatment acts deep in the skin, ’lifting’ and refining the facial features via stimulation of the facial muscles and anti-ageing drainage. In just a few minutes, the face appears younger and visibly lifted.

The treatment ends with a relaxing massage, releasing precious active ingredients that tone the skin.

A viable alternative to aesthetic medicine, the Hydradermie Lift treatment visibly rejuvenates the facial features.


The face appears more youthful

– The skin appears firmer.
– The face appears “lifted”.
– The facial contours appear more defined.
– The skin appears instantly “lifted”.

Treatment method using a Hydrader Cellular Energy machine

*We also have a 30- minute Hydradermie Lift EXPRESS version**

-Ask your GUINOT Beauty Therapist today & Give it a try-

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