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Age Summum

Comprehensive Anti-Ageing Treatment

Treatment Secrets


The Beauty Therapist exfoliates the face and neck with Gommage Dermabrasion, ridding the skin of dead cells and allowing the new cells to appear, for more youthful-looking skin.


Thanks to the exclusive movements of the Anti-Ageing massage, the skin absorbs the precious active ingredients contained in the cream, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and DNA. The skin appears firmer and the face appears more youthful.


At the end of the treatment, the Beauty Therapist applies the precious Masque Age Summum, enriched with Pro-Collagen to restore a youthful radiance.

Take years off your face

GUINOT, the expert in anti-ageing skincare, has created Age Summum, a Beauty Treatment that combines technology and exclusive movements for visible results on signs of ageing.
Age Summum begins with the application of Gommage Dermabrasion. This exfoliation process, with active microparticles, rids the skin of dead cells and lets new cells appear. From the first step of the treatment, the skin already looks more youthful and lines are smoother.

With the help of powerful active ingredients, the skin appears remarkably younger

In the Beauty Therapist’s expert hands, the skin absorbs Age Summum, a regenerating serum containing the 56 Cellular Ingredients of the Cellular Life Complex and a high concentration of pure Vitamin C. These unique components are used in hospitals to help regenerate new skin by effectively boosting cell activity and restoring life to the skin.

The treatment continues with an Anti-ageing Massage consisting of 15 exclusive movements and the application of Sérum Age Summum, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, to firm tissue and combat skin slackening. The skin is toned once again.

Age Summum concludes with the application of a radiance anti-ageing mask with Pro-Collagen. The skin appears instantly firmer.

At the end of the treatment, the skin appears visibly more youthful and signs of ageing have been diminished.


The wrinkles and lines are instantly smoother: 39.7%*
reduction in wrinkles.
48.7%** increase in elasticity.
The face looks radiant once again.

*Average decrease in wrinkle depth after 1 treatment (measurements taken with a Visioscan).
**Average increase in elasticity after 1 treatment (measurements taken with a Cutometer).
Panel of 10 test subjects.

Manual Treatment Method.

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