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Lift Summum

"Lifting" Firming Treatment

Treatment Secrets


A series of 15 “lifting” manoeuvres is carried out using a serum with a high concentration of firming active ingredients, helping to restore the skin’s firmness.


When applied to the groove of each wrinkle, the wrinkle eraser contains Hyaluronic Acid Spherical Fillers that help smooth the skin in a non-invasive manner.


The Beauty Therapist applies 2 masks: one tissue mask for the face and a cream mask for the décolleté. Their unique formulas contain firming and anti-wrinkle active ingredients that smooth the skin.

A “lifting” treatment for each area of concern

The Lift Summum treatment is a ‘lifting’ treatment that smooths and firms any areas affected by loss of firmness. It combines expert manoeuvres with high-performance active firming ingredients, ensuring an instant and visible ‘lifting” effect.

The active ingredients in the treatment helps restore the skin’s elasticity.

Smooths, reshapes and firms

The Beauty Therapist begins the treatment with exfoliation, which eliminates dead skin cells and helps reveal new cells. Then the Beauty Therapist carries out 15 ‘lifting’ and toning manoeuvres.

The treatment continues with the application of Wrinkle Eraser in the groove of each wrinkle in the face and décolleté area. Its specific applicator tip enables pressure and massage movements that even out the tissue and smooth the skin via a non-invasive method.

Finally, at the end of the treatment, specific masks are applied – one for the face and another for the décolleté – which complete the firming effect.

At the end of the treatment, the skin appears instantly and visibly firmer and “lifted”. The facial contour is more defined and the décolleté looks smoother.


Your skin is instantly and visibly firmer:
47%* increase in firmness after 1 treatment.
100% of women observed an instant “lifting” and firming effect.
93%** of women said that their skin appeared plumped up.

*Average increase in firmness after 1 Lift Summum treatment in a panel of 12 test subjects (measured with a Corneometer).
**Efficacy tests carried out after 1 Lift Summum treatment in a panel of 15 test subjects.

Manual Treatment Method

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