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– Perfectly cleanses and removes make-up, leaving skin clean and refreshed
– Helps to stimulate cellular oxygenation for beautifully radiant skin
– Relaxes and respects all skin types


Pump Size 150ml

Mousse Bioxygene

SKU: 500650
  • – Pro-Oxygène: helps increase the oxygenation of skin cells
    for beautifully radiant skin.
    – Cleansing agent derived from cotton seed oil (rich in
    unsaponifiables, provitamins and unsaturated fatty acids):
    preserves the skin’s hydrolipidic film and rids it of impurities.
    – Glycerox HE (modified vegetable oil complex): enables the foam
    to be gently rinsed.
    – Lotus extract: has emollient, anti-free radical and vein-toning

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