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– Visibly firms and smoothes the skin
– Gradually firms the contours of the face
– Gently nourishes the skin


Size 50ml Tube

Creme Rich Fermete

SKU: 500800
  • – Actiprogerin: limits progerin synthesis (associated with senescence)
    in the cells.
    – Dynalift: forms a film at the skin’s surface which coats and firms the skin.
    – Lift Firming Complex: combats skin laxity thanks to its instant and
    intense firming effect.
    – Stabilised Vitamin C: stimulates collagen synthesis and restores radiance
    to the complexion.
    – Grapeseed oil: helps regenerate the skin and has antioxidant properties.
    – Evening primrose oil: reinforces cell adhesion and has an anti-free radical
    – Hydrocyte Complex: hydrates and binds water at the heart of the cells.
    – Avocado oil: deeply nourishes the skin.

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