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Hydra Summum Cream 50ml

Longue Vie Eye Cream 15ml

FREE Case with yellow gold ribbon

Hydra Summum Gift Set

  • Hydra Summum Cream: 

    Enriched with HYDRALOGIC COMPLEX
    Boosts the skin’s mechanisms for hydration
    – Aquasilanol hydration complex:
    * Creates a barrier that prevents evaporation
    * Binds water to the skin
    * Improves water distribution
    – Anti-ageing molecule: Hyaluronic acid: plumps up and fills
    dehydration lines

    Longue Vie Eye Cream

    – Cellular Life Complex with 56 Active Ingredients: supplies
    the elements required for cellular life and regeneration.
    – Lifto-Proteins: decreases wrinkle depth.
    – Horse Chestnut extract: “decongests” dark circles and heavy eyelids.
    – Pentavitine: moisturises.

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